Using the NON-DRILL Post System alleviates the need to use drilling equipment to place fixings. 

This has several key advantages:

  • There is no risk of damaging or striking the reinforcement steel within the structure
  • Drilling can potentially cause localised spalling, which in turn can lead to exposure of the reinforcement steel to the atmosphere, leading to accelerated corrosion and either cosmetic or structural damage to the concrete
  • The risk from hand, eye and ear injury is reduced significantly
  • Noise and dust pollution are eliminated entirely from the post installation procedure
  • In temporary applications the system can be removed leaving no trace of any surface damage or fixings, other than the galvanised lifting pin, which can easily be grouted over
  • Cap off anchor between shift work to allow public access
  • The quality of the anchor is guarantee ensuring all edge protection meets the required standards
  • Biggest advantage labour cost quick and easy to install