NON-DRILL Handrail System is a patented, innovative post and handrail system that eliminates the need to drill into structures.

Developed in 2015 by Paul Breen, the NON-DRILL Handrail System has revolutionised how the building and construction industry provides edge protection for its workforce.

Non-Drill came about from the frustrations involved in finishing the top of reinforced soil walls. While constructing the dish drains and concrete pavements around the obstructing overhanging handrail systems and while patching adjacent lifting recesses, an ideal resource for connecting handrail posts, this non-invasive handrail system originated.

Non-Drill allows installers to pour concrete drains and pavements without any obstacles, while being resourceful by using the existing lifters to connect handrail posts.

In just one day Paul came up with his design, and within two weeks had created the prototype post. Paul used an excavator to test the flexion of the post and whether the anchor point would hold under load.

Delighted with his results, Paul then sought independent product testing by licensed engineers and when his results were quantified he immediately applied for his patent.

1,000 post units were produced and the first customer was Leightons (CPB) for the very project that started the conversation.

The industry feedback has been fantastic with more products developed over time to meet the growing number of applications Paul has identified and the industry has requested.   

Suitable for both precast structures and in situ pours, by adding anchor points during the design phase, the NON-DRILL Handrail System has been engineered with safety and efficiency in mind.

NON-DRILL Handrail System may be used as temporary or permanent fixtures, as required by the project. It is strong and durable and can be used over and over again on different projects. When removed, it leaves no surface damage or fixings other than the galvanised lifting anchor which can be easily grouted over to level the surface.

Since the conception of Non-Drill, the uses and benefits have grown substantially and the system can be used as temporary or permanent system where clients are finding huge benefits in a range of construction projects.

The NON-DRILL Handrail System becomes a valuable asset, ensuring edge protection requirements meet the required standard.

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Non-Drill Clamp


When compared to existing edge protection and handrail installation, the NON-DRILL Handrail System installation is:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable
  • Re-usable


With safety in mind, the NON-DRILL Handrail System reduces many risks associated with traditional drill installations. NON-DRILL Handrail System:

  • Reduces risk of exposure to silica dust
  • Reduces risks of noise
  • Reduces risk of injuries to hands, eyes and ears
  • Complies with Australian Safety Standards


NON-DRILL Handrail System has been designed for ease of installation, the system:

  • Eliminates drilling to place fixings
  • Eliminates drilling mistakes
  • Eliminates drilling breakages
  • Eliminates steel exposure